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from now on it is called "washing-up liquid"

I haven't written about my cat in a while, so I will do that. Far more harmless than anything inside my head right now at the very least.
So today is fucking gorgeous. I do not understand how it can be 50 degrees then 30 degrees then 65 degrees, but today is beautiful and I will accept it.

I slept in after a night of drinking and escapism. I learned last night that there are some things you can't forget no matter how much you wish you could, that kitten likes soybean shells, and that I can say piss off just like Vyvyan does if I scrunch up my mouth just right. I said piss off a lot last night. But K. and I didn't break anything.

When I woke up I had a left over pancake and then K. was so gracious as to accompany me to the store to buy things for kitten (like food and a new toy). Here is the thing; Thor has lost his edge. He didn't like the car trip nearly as much as usual and was kind of a wuss once we got to store. Eventually he calmed down a bit and explored. I guess I should give him credit for being "relaxed" around so many dogs, but he used to eat these kinds of adventures right up. I think he is just out of practice so from now on there are more outings for kitten.

Realizing now that I have just eaten a single pancake today, however, I think I should probably go home and eat a little bit more.

I will not get in a funk today. I will NOT!
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