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What News?

I am here and also in one piece - head still firmly attached to my shoulders

What didn't happen today:

My car didn't shake itself to bits
There were no flat tires
I did not have to whore myself out at a rest stop for gas money home
I did not have awful, wrenching thoughts of Cracker Barrel ploys for forgiveness
There was no sleeping behind the wheel (with the exception of kitten)
There was no rain
And no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq (funny that)

The hands I left were soft and warm - it felt good to smile - didn't fear death for all the sun

Here in VA, I find that my brother has a new set of wheels. He tried to rub my nose in his "new" 88 Mustang convertible, 12 miles to the gallon he says with a smirk. . . I told him that I don't put much importance on things like cars, but he knows that.

He is auditioning at UNCG in the next week, says's he might transfer to the Durham store and eventually I am thinking of going to Boston for Graduate school. We are going to follow each other everywhere; good thing we like each other.

As previously, but nor particularly clearly mentioned, both my dad and brother work at Whole Foods. Tonight my dad and I went to get groceries and visit my brother. I love good food I don't have to pay for (I still don't want to live here though)
My dad,
(who is now allergic to gluten, I swear he is allergic to something new every time I come home)
even bought me a big bottle of my favorite raspberry Belgian lambic and let me stare at the amazing selection of international beer and wine. . .god damn it was a beautiful thing.

I want to try and organize my things for the week, but that is stoopid and overkill since I don't have responsibilities here.

So instead I will drink more and watch the Young One's with Kitten.
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