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pale and clad in black - my pass to geekdom

*smash* those eggshells I am walking on
actually, its more like I pretend not to notice they are even there

I need to get myself fixed up and organized and stop depending upon the kindness of women who I am making strangers by my prolonged absences

I talked with the forgotten floridian today
I'm glad that I can be in on the joke now and that our friendship is funny because it is
not because it has to be

"No", I say, "My email has never had an underscore in it"
And I listen to all of the amassed gifts for various holidays past that I have yet to see
Like I said
I'm just glad this isn't the kind of situation I have to see the humor in because if I don't I'll end up disappointed and heart-broken

I poke fun at him and he does the same to me
we give each other points for using words like "doubloons" in sentences
Our lives always seem to be the same though, new examples of everything we've already said

I got a neat pair of shoes for $5 today
My birthday present to myself because everything else needs to go to a place to live
I am moving next week out of necessity
I love my kitten, but he makes things harder

I think I may postpone my birthday party and have it meld into a birthdayformeandTheTallOneandhousewarming party.

I am making myself uncomfortable with the stress
I make it far worse than it needs to be
I just don't have the blind faith and optimism I once did
My dad keeps telling me that "things will work out"
But I feel like I have to make them
I have to get this together
and soon
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